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Job Security is a Myth

Gone are the days when job security existed. Let’s face it, the metamorphosis of technology guarantees us one thing, change. The rate and pace technology is transforming the workplace, the automation of processes that reduces the need for human intervention. Most roles are facing imminent extinction. And to add to all this the economy has been unstable for a while, companies are resizing and retrenchments are an annual recurrence in some organisations.

Job security definition: The state of knowing that one’s job is secure and that one is unlikely to be dismissed or made redundant.

Security within a company is fiction, the only job security is security you create by remaining not just employable but highly competitive in your field. Building up your skills and personal brand is mandatory, it is your key to creating your own job security. And I use security loosely because in reality even owning your own business is not secure, some business fall as quick as they rise. But being able to bounce back and earn an income regardless of your current situation changing is the new form of security.

Look beyond the obvious.

Ever consider freelancing, or perhaps contracting your services to companies on an ad hock basis essentially, being your own boss. Some people have been in the job market for months on end with no luck, if you are out of work because you became redundant then now is a good time to re-invent yourself. Learn new skills, look at what opportunities are available in the market that are close to your current competencies then learn the skills required that you may not yet be in possession of. Volunteer your services for free while you are seeking your next opportunity to keep the gap on your CV from growing larger. Re-brand yourself and exhume confidence in your capabilities because if you don’t believe in you, no one else will, well except mother dearest, but she’s not going to employ you, is she?

Keep your parachute ready in case you need to jump off or get thrown off.

Funny how everyone seems to know that nothing lasts forever but are caught without a plan when the inevitable happens. Be it restructuring, retrenchments or good ol’ constructive dismissal. Most don’t even know where to begin, people find themselves just going through the motions, posting they CV on job portals, updating LinkedIn, all that with so much as a strategy what the next move is and how they are going to attain it. Keep your CV fresh and up to date.

No one like the thought or feeling of the carpet being pulled from under their feet but things happen whether we like it or not. Uncertainty seems to be the only certainty there is these days. Don’t be caught off guard, stay prepared. Job security is a myth.

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